Virtual Online Dating

Gearing Up for the Real Thing with Virtual Online Dating

Welcome to the latest singles craze - virtual online dating. Virtual online dating is in its infancy, but it is gaining wide popularity.

In this new virtual concept, participants date through the use of three-dimensional avatars. It is a sort of test date, designed as a precursor to the real thing. You have got to wonder, however, if this new trend might spawn serial virtual online daters.

Participants in virtual online dating get acquainted by listening to music, playing games, and having conversations via their avatars. Women are registering more than men. This is credited to the fact that women feel safer in an initial virtual situation because they have complete control to continue or cancel the virtual date at any point, if something goes wrong. This leads to more successful real life dates, according to some experts.

This seems to make sense, because virtual online dating was created with the idea of getting more women involved in the Internet dating process. Recent trials with the new virtual online dating software reveal that it creates more open dialogue and a greater chance of reciprocal attraction.

Women were at least forty percent more likely to ask someone on a virtual date than to ask someone out on a date through email, chat rooms, or instant messaging. The trial also showed that women were three times more likely to accept an invitation on a virtual date than on a real date.

Women may also enjoy the fact that a virtual date can take place in any surrounding or setting. They may even find this a bit more enjoyable than a real date because of the opportunity to make the virtual date a more exotic experience than drinks at a local restaurant. After all, how often does your first date take place in a Parisian cafe, or on a Caribbean beach?