Nervous About Dating Someone You Met Online

Many online daters grow very comfortable meeting other singles for sex online. Why wouldn't they be? It's easy to get accustomed to the convenience and safety online dating provides. You can meet new people without any anxiety, chat with them at your convenience and ignore any person that you don't like. It's risk-free and fun. Who can beat that?

At some point, though, you will need to take the interaction away from the computer screen into real-life. Whether picking up the phone to call or getting ready for a first date, this leaves a few online daters uneasy. It's no longer the safe and anonymous online world. It's real social interaction with the harsh possibility of rejection.

Rejection Hurts

Being rejected is one of the most painful things for anyone. While we try to brush rejection off and charge it to experience, the hurt it inflicts cannot be ignored. A study published in a magazine some years ago concluded that the pain of rejection is processed by the human brain identically as the pain of being punched in the stomach. That means, hearing an emphatic "No" is a physiological equivalent to losing all your air with a heavy swing to the gut. No wonder people are frequently struck with fear when opening themselves to the possibility!

Either rejection or a punch in the gut, however, won't kill you. Isn't it such an insignificant risk to take compared to the possibility of finding your soulmate?


Many people who dread the first offline meeting are that way because they're afraid of being exposed. Not a few people exagerrate or outright make up things when communicating using their online dating accounts. A single face-to-face meeting can clear that up pretty fast.

Dishonesty is probably the easiest way to get nowhere in online dating. Building yourself up to the point where it's impossible to live up to the ideal is a guaranteed way to keep you from ever meeting up with anyone you encounter online.


Many first-time online daters are understandably apprehensive when planning to get together in real life. Having never done it before, they have little idea what to expect. If you are new to online dating and going on a first date with someone you met online, just suck up any worry and do it.

Most online daters are regular people, the same kind you will probably be meeting if you were fixed up by your friends or ran into someone at the airport. You even know each other already, even though you haven't seen each other in person. Things are actually in your favor that the date will go well.

Go with the odds. You're winning.