Date Tips

1. Are you ready to date?

Some people go through dating just for the heck of it; this is a big mistake. Dating is done when two people agree to spend some together in order to get to know the other person better. If you don't have any intention of starting a relationship with someone, then you're just wasting yours and the other person's time and energy.

This is not to say that one date would mean that you two are destined to be together forever. Still, dating should be taken much more seriously than just a mere friendly gesture. If you've just been through a past relationship and you know that you're not ready to fall in love again, then you're definitely not ready to date. Don't use dating as a way to cope from your past break-up. It's not fair to you and to the person you're dating./p>

2. Look your best.

Every one going out on a date should make the effort to be presentable. You don't really have to go out of your way and buy a new dress or a new suit. Whatever you decide to wear should be the clothing that is appropriate to the occasion. If you're going to see a movie or to watch a ballgame, then a casual dress will do.

If you're going to dinner in a restaurant or if you're going to watch a play or an opera, then perhaps semi-formal attire will be best. If you're a woman, don't dress too provocatively as this could give the wrong impression to your date. Wear clean, well-ironed clothes and don't forget to wear a clean pair of shoes as well. Wear something that looks good on you and at the same time, clothes that you're comfortable with.

Of course, make sure that you've taken a bath, brushed your teeth and that you smell clean and fresh for your date. If you're a guy, at least take the time to shave. Nobody likes to be with someone who has poor hygiene.

3. Be Yourself

Okay, this may sound like a cliche and so simple. But the truth is, many people are not acting naturally when they're dating. Most of the time, they're putting on just to impress their dates. A successful date is when you can truly say that the other person liked you for who you are. That's the whole purpose of dating anyway. To see whether you two would be compatible for each other, in case both of you likes to take the relationship to the next level. If you're just acting out, then you're only fooling yourself and misleading your date too.

Be honest. Tell your date what you really do for a living and the things that really interest you. You don't like to be lied to either, so don't lie. Don't make false claims; a successful relationship begins with honest conversations. In case you get rejected for being honest, at least you're not putting on. This brings us to our next point.

4. Be ready for rejection.

If your date refuses to go into a second date with you, be gracious enough to accept it. If you think you cannot handle rejection, then you're not ready to date at all.

5. Be confident.

Confidence does not mean you should brag about yourself, be self-centered, or be inconsiderate. Having confidence in your self-worth as a person will help you to open up more freely, talk with ease, look other person in the eye, and act naturally. Don't be overly conscious wondering about what your date thinks about you.

6. Be courteous.

Courteousness should be practice at all times, not just when dating. One way to show courtesy is by not being late on your date. Small gestures like opening the door for your date, not smoking if your date does not smoke, not talking when your mouth is full, offering to pay the bill, not swearing during your conversations, not using inappropriate words, not talking about indecent subjects and not taking advantage shows your respect and good manners.

7. Have a genuine interest.

This is what dating is all about. You should be genuinely interested to know the other person more. How? Listen to them when they're talking and when it's your turn to talk, don't spend your entire date talking about you.

8. Have fun

Don't torture your date with boredom. Prepare to do something that both of you can relax and enjoy. Use your sense of humor. But don't forget to keep your jokes in good taste. A great date makes time run fast because both of you are having so much fun. A great date makes you want to spend more time with that person.